We all long to express ourselves creatively, admire the capacity to be original. 

"Ultimately, it doesn't matter to the world whether you sing or dance or doing art. The world will probably get by without the product of your efforts.


But that is not the point. I think the point is what the inner process of following your creative impulses will do to me and you. It is clearly about process. Love the work, love the process. Our fascination will pull our attention forward.


That, also, will fascinate the viewer."

- I always trying to keep a sense of the whole. The big picture, that commits me to make the moves that will ultimately represent what i see.

It can be the way the shadows moves slowly through the streets, or just the way the flimmering light from my neighbor´s tv hitting trough the window, in the backyard at night.


The subject is irrelevant; it is only a vehicle for my attention, to engage the intensity of my feelings.


And that intensity is what I think humans ultimately responds to.

Why I decided to become a photographer?


Because it´s just focuses me in to the now, which is incredibly valuable!

It is  something I get immersed in. I lose myself in shooting, and all my worries and daily stresses just melt away. 

This is my passion, and I will off course  share it with you, just let me know. 

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